level 7 - Unscrupulous and illegal activity


New Member
Jan 24, 2018
I had signed up for 50mbps at R899 per month on a month to moth basis with Level 7. This price dropped after a few months to R729/month but they decided to keep the R899 payments and automatically push me up to 100mbps instead of altering the price. I requested this to be resolved, multiple times. Requesting for me to remain on 50mps as I had originally signed... 100mps is overkill for my needs. Nothing was done about this. The excuse given was that the person I had spoken to no longer worked there. Even though I had called multiple times, this wasn't resolved.

Frustrated by this, I then requested to cancel, but this was never honoured. They instead try any way to leach whatever money they can, assuming that the consumer is powerless. Unscrupulous and illegal activity by level 7 that I will not slide.
Also, it appears that Level-7 is NOT a member of the internet service provider association - which encourages transparency regarding ethical business practices. Going forward I will only sign with ISPA members.