LG G8 ThinQ Dual Screen


Expert Member
May 29, 2018
Just got my hands on a demo unit and this thing is magic.
Comes with a flip cover that holds a second display.
Plug and go basically and works with the device instantly.

On the phone's screen you can be busy on whatsapp (or whatever else) while a movie plays on the second screen.
Or you can be busy taking pictures while the second screen has your gallery open. Stuff like that

So far it does not seem like you can have one thing displayed across both displays (Like a movie) but it is not really designed for that, because the second screen is a detachable flip cover. (Pretty neat in itself)

For multitasking this thing is great.
Specs aren't too bad either.
Not sure on the price.

I think this phone is great, but don't see many people talking about it.


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Mar 12, 2014
Im getting one tomorrow, going to give it a go before deciding if Ill be keeping it as my main device .