LTE/Wireless question for the brainiacs out there


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Aug 12, 2009
Hey peeps,

So i live on a plot, far from any modern technology.

The only internet access i have is through LTE using a xpol directional antenna. but i have latency and packet loss issues.

When i connect, my ping is fine, hovering at around 15-20ms, however, as soon as there is load my ping spikes to 1500-4000ms and i lose around 99% packets. this load can be anything from loading a website to streaming.

My SINR is pretty bad.. i know, around 6, so my first thought was to buy the biggest and best LTE directional antenna out on the market, but i am worried that this could be tower congestion, and that even if i get a stronger antenna i would still have the same issue.

All the above is with RAIN LTE.

So my question, does the above issue where connection degrades when load is applied stem from tower congestion or is it mostly to do with my signal quality?

If it is signal quality, which is the BEST LTE antenna i can buy to boost the signal? I currently the XPOL-6-10M so i would need sommin stronger.


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Nov 10, 2014
Hey Polemus, I have the exact same problem.

The problem here is actually bandwidth, I measure latency and packet loss with my firewall across my wan links which are both LTE.
Latency is low when there's no traffic, as soon as there is traffic, there's not enough pipe to get the latency/packet loss tests through, so they fail, which is why you see latency shoot up & packets get dropped. They're just stuck in a buffer somewhere.

I've spent months trying to troubleshoot, and what fixes the problem is a bandwidth limiter and QOS, but because the connection is LTE, you never know what speed you'll get, so you cant apply an accurate limiter.