Luno Support and Queries Thread


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Feb 1, 2008
That's for sending yes. But I don't see a Segwit address, or do I have to create a new wallet?
from the same article it is made pretty clear:


EDIT: looking at my own Luno history, segwit is the default, the only way you would have a non-segwit receive address is if you had one prior to this announcement
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John Tempus

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Aug 8, 2017
My only gripe with Luno right now if you do send with BTC is that their send fees is not reduced in any way.

The other day they wanted R400 in send fee for a BTC transaction even though a "guaranteed" next block best rate cost were at most calculated at $15 so it begs the question why even with segwit does luno still see a reason to charge more than double the required next block confirmation going rate.

Something in their calculations is completely off.

Aside from that it would help a ton of users who doesn't need their transaction to be in the exact next block to either select their own send fee or at the very least have 2 or 3 levels of fees. Not every person need their send to enter the exact next block at such an inflated cost where waiting 3 or 10 blocks could be as low as R10.


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Jul 6, 2010
I myself knew nothing about Luno, I tried buying ethereum and bitcoin at a foreign exchange and it was stolen when bitcoin was only 2000 dollars, I bought the 2nd time when I knew about Luno in 2017 and was also very weary about my investment, I now have bitcoin and ripple from Luno, I also own some dogecoin at Binance and hope that Luno start dealing in some other crypto soon.

Maybe you only became aware of them with the rebrand.

They were BitX before that.


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May 2, 2020

In what can only be described, after 8 Failed attempts, to speak to anyone human : i have to conclude that luno's support back office, to be one of ,the worst i have ever come across .Even Air bnb , with all it's mystery, is able to actively have people managing their platform/telephone.

I'm trying to make full use of the platform by using the profit/loss sheet, accessed by the button after you press "Wallet ".In it, you find all your deposits, withdrawls , and basicaly a final figure to show you how far up or down you are, 1d1W,1mnth, or whatever .

I have access to a performance chart, but None of my deposit's( old or new ) , have popped up anywhere in the " Money in " " money out" sections.
This screenshot , is of the automated response:the Very, same one i have received , all 7 previous times: as if i haven't tried , uninstalling, downloading a beta version (which is apparently what the profit loss chart, is ) , or sent them all the necessary information about Make of cellphone , screenshots of said problem .
It appears there is no limit to the number of complaints/cries for help they need to receive from one individual, before physically paying attention to what is being sent to them in order to resolve the issue.

Anyone else sitting with said problem , and Same lifeless Animated response ?

Thanks in advance