Medical Malpractice


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Feb 6, 2009
Have you ever opened a medical malpractice claim against a dentist?

I had an abscess a couple years back and had to have the tooth removed and an implant done.

Fast forward to a week ago and the crown came loose while I was away so I went to a different dentist to have it sorted.

Well the new dentist said he'd never seen anything like it, it looks fine aesthetically but, in the x-rays, and under the gum it’s a mess.

I've now been to a proper surgeon and had 3D scans which show the whole story in detail.

Both the new dentist and the proper surgeon said ethically they have to recommend I go back to the dentist that did the implant and get him to fix it because I paid for a job which he botched-- but no ways in hell I'm going back there for dental work.

I feel the dentist that did the implant should have owned his mistakes/errors/whatever and sent me to a proper surgeon to have it sorted but instead I had to find out almost 2 years later from other dentists/surgeons that it’s so bad I need bone and gum grafts and if I don't have it fixed now I will probably get an infection in the gum within a couple years as the gum is wearing away because of the implant.

Can anyone offer any advice regarding medical malpractice? It was like R25k to have the implant done, now it’s going to cost at least double that to get it to the right standard. I think I deserve compensation and the dentist to be reported so hopefully other people are in some way protected/made aware of the bad work and ethic.


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Sep 17, 2013
You sure the original implant was done by a dentist and not a maxfac surgeon?