Mikrotik RouterBoard and Tp-link range extender


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Mar 2, 2011
Good evening,
Please may I ask for your guidance?
I have a mikrotik routerboard which is set up as the wifi AP. I have the main network with its own IP range and 2 guest virtual AP's also each with its own IP range. This is working fine and I have no problems. I also added allowing devices only by MAC address and that works 100% this has been running for quite a while.
I recently purchased a tp-link range extender, and added the MAC addresses to the MAC filering list of the Mikrotik. I can connect the range extender to the main AP and see it connected, I can access the tp-link web admin page from a computer on the main AP via the static IP I have set for the tp-link.

I have tried all different configurations:
1) the default set up of the range extender, this does not allow any client connections at all and does not pass through a DHCP request.

2) I have enabled the DHCP server on the tp-link which allows client connections but the setup (I guess) on the Mikrotik does not allow internet access.

3) I have tried disabling the tp-link DHCP server and setting a static IP on the client device, including gateway and DNS server settings, this allows a connection but also no internet access.

My guess is its one of the Firewall rules but I dont know enough right now, but I'm learning.
Could you please perhaps suggest where I might check?
I have spend quite a while searching for solutions , I have watched quite a few youtube videos, read many tutorials and examples on the Mikrotik wiki and other sites, I have enabled DHCP port requests on the firewall rules along with many other settings.

Client devices cant access internet from range extender connected to main wifi AP.