Minecraft PS3 : All worlds missing


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May 4, 2006
After PS3 Update 1.17 none of my own worlds are being displayed while in the game

I just overwrote the tutorial and this is still being displayed -but not a single other world.

I copied them to my USB and re-imported them via Saved-game utility and it imports fine- it also confirms that the saved games are on the PS3 and that I will overwrite them -which I do.

Still no maps. Im also sure that I am in the right profile - i tried all the profiles on the machine.

Someone please share some ideas on how to get my worlds back. There are no options to unhide anywhere. I followed the steps: "Click the help and options tab. Click the settings button. Press the options btn!" , but nothing. I can post pics of my saved games in "saved game utility" to show that it is displaying correctly. 0