Mozilla Firefox smartphones unveiled, specs comparison

Specced too low to be taken seriously. Take a leaf from the Samsung book: came in with their best effort at the same price as the iPhone when everyone thought they should be cheaper due to the free OS. They managed to establish themselves as a (the!) premium brand within, what? three years?
I don't think so. These devices are aimed primarily at the lower income groups, groups that can't afford traditional smartphones that do email, and Internet. It's a semi-affordable option to boost Internet connectivity for the masses, and for this I applaud Mozilla.

An article I read also states that carriers are getting worried by the dominance of Android, and Apple, in the mobile market, giving them less leverage when it comes to negotiations. This is why carriers are looking elsewhere.

I belive that the driving force behind a successful OS is the ecosystem it comes with. That's one of the big reasons why iOS is so popular, and why Windows Phone is laggin behind. Firefox OS with its HTML apps is dead in the water, bar those people who are not interested in using their phone.
I am glad they are developing phones for low income markets - a lot of people (myself included) can't afford to buy the flagship Samsung or Nokia phones.

If it's good, it will catch on. It's good to have choice - not just Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry or iPhone. I hope it works out for them.
Price point will be important. Any idea what they will retail at?
In my opinion they have F'd up the Firefox Browser in recent years and it has become less stable than it used to be. Thanks, but no thanks.