MTN contracts rant


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Sep 7, 2010
wife has had phone for 4 years, samsung A3. 2 years on handset contract, further 2 on airtime only deal.

Time for a new phone, so let's see what is available on the mtn system(i'm on vodacom so it's all new for me).
firstly, they have 3 different websites that you can log into to check your info/account.

I was not able to find average usage of calls/data over any period of time.
Just what is currently left. This is very important info to see if you're on the right package.

All I wanted to see is - what phones are available on current package at what price.
I gave up after an hour. it seems it would be easier to go into the store. My impression is that they are just trying to many things at the same time, lots of information, but very hard to find the bit you're looking for.

(i searched for a similar thread, but MTN is too short a word here to do it properly!)