My friends game, Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant


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Aug 13, 2010
Good evening good people!

A good friend and I have started playing around the last few years with game development, but he actually had some more time to spend on it, and have actually finished his first proper game. It is called Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant.

It's a Scifi Turn Based Strategy game, with some RPG elements like inventory, loot, skill points, etc. It's going to be available on platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac (all via Steam, hopefully!) and Android.

I've seen some of the titles that are available on Steam, and I must say, I think his game has a real good shot at actually providing some decent entertainment for many people out there! The first hurdle, of course, is getting the game Greenlit on Steam, which costs $100 by the way (I gave him the money to help him get his game on Steam).

He's a good old fashioned South African upcoming Indie Developer (I hope to one day write a game or two with him!), and it would be absolutely amazing if you guys could help by voting for the game on Steam to get Greenlit :D

Here's the link:

I have been lucky to help play test the game as he created it, and it's an excellent time waster, and he's not going to be charging much for it eventually (in the line of $3 or so!).

Your support would be greatly appreciated!

You can download demos on his IndieDB page:

Thanks a bunch! And have a safe Easter!