MyVodacom app


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Oct 27, 2008
I have two contracts with Vodacom. One contract is for my phone and it includes data, sms, and airtime allocations each month. The second contract is for a data only SIM which lives in an LTE modem. I receive one account each month which covers both contracts.

In the past the phone numbers for both SIMs reflected in the MyVodacom app on my phone and I could switch between them to check the balances available.

After I renewed both contracts recently only the phone is shown in the MyVodacom app.

Any suggestions on how I can put the data SIM back into the MyVodacom app on my phone?


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Dec 4, 2012
Don't know if you came right, but after updating to the latest version I also noticed this, because I have exactly the same setup as you. At the bottom of the screen, I think next to "Home", there is a button labelled "My Products" - clicking on it lets you switch between the two lines to check balances, etc.

Let me know if this works for you!