N-series touchscreen phone before Xmas


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Oct 31, 2007
So it seems Nokia is planning on more touchscreen phones, in fact, a lot more. With the 5800 XpressMusic hitting off in the mid segment they have plans for an up market N-series type touchscreen phone and some low segement ones as well. Will be interesting to see if they make a touchscreen flavour of Series40.

From : http://www.tube5800.com/nokia-to-launch-n-series-touch-phones-after-5800/#more-63

Nokia appears to be overwhelmed by the great response and rave reviews they are getting for their first true touchscreen phone - The 5800 XpressMusic. Continuing the enthusiasm for the touchscreen phones, Nokia revealed their plans to launch a series of touch screen phones ‘very soon’.

Devinder Kishore, Nokia’s marketing head in India, in an event in New Delhi disclosed, “We will have lot of touchscreen phones coming up, including an N-series device very soon.” The Finnish giant is expected to make a formal announcement before X’mas about the launch plans and dates.

Apart from the high-end N-Series touch screen phones, Nokia will also launch low-range touch screen phones in 2009 for the mass market segments. That’s a great news for gadget fans and they could wait for few days to see what more Nokia have on cards. Nokia seems to be too keen to foray deep into the touchscreen phone market now with a wide range of touch devices.

Most of the major brands like Samsung, Google, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Apple (Iphone) already have touchscreen phones in their catalog now. With Nokia’s plans out now to release loads of touch phones next year, the battle is getting excited.


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May 16, 2008
Noooooo, not more choices! Does the 5800 count as one of there "low range" phones? The N series phones will probably be more than the 5800.


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Oct 17, 2007
Theres only one reason i dont buy Nokia anymore, My gf uses the last one i bought and thats because i have no clue :confused: as to what is what!?! They have so many phones i'm completely lost its like a maze N this 5 that 6 that 7 that 8 9 10 10000000 fark knows... i have no clue what phone does what and doesnt do what i'm as confused as i sound now :(