NEC Projectors current draw


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May 23, 2020
I am looking at buying 2 NEC PA653UL projectors to stack them to create 1 projection image, but when looking at the input current specification I am in doubt if this is going to work. The input current specification states it goes from 4.5A to 10.2A, which seems unnaturally high. The maximum wattage is 672W and Voltage goes from 100 to 240V, but I've attached the spec sheet below.

  1. Now I would like to know if this 10.2A is accurate because it seems too high?
  2. And if so, I thought that laser projectors are supposed to be more energy efficient than lamp based projectors, but when comparing this projector to the PA653U (its lamp based brother), this projector (PA653UL) draws much more current?
  3. If the 10.2A is not correct how can I know what the required current is?

I've attached the spec sheet of this projector but others are available online.

Thank you!


  • projector_spec_10006.pdf
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Feb 26, 2011
I think the 10A is in rush or startup current and after that it settles to 4.5A. 672W means around 3A though, which is expected. Maybe they did not want to commit, but the 10.2A is definitely not continuous current draw.