Need help with setting up two printers. :(


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Feb 1, 2011
Hi Guys,

Sorry to bother, I have two printers that simply REFUSE to work on my current PC.

A: Canon MF4500
B: Epson POS printer (PC tells me it's a TM-T70)

A: When I go to devices and printers the image of it is gray.
If I try to print it does not register as a plugged in printer. (Name does not show up)
I've downloaded drivers, installed and restarted my PC -Nada!

B: Registers and everything is dandy until I press print - nothing happens. Also went through the whole downloading drivers schlepp and still nothing.
It is plugged in via USB. I've tried the ethernet cable (if that was stupid and its supposed to go in the cash drawer - my bad) - point is it didn't work either.

Please help. I have NO IT training whatsoever, but since the guys are just going "we don't know" and not doing anything else to help I'm trying all I can. AND I WILL NOT ADMIT DEFEAT.
Working desperately on my anger management - I cannot toss both printers into Main rd and wait for a Golden Arrow.


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Jan 19, 2007
iro the epson TM-T70 does it pass the self test without errors:

3.8.1 Self-test Mode
In the self-test mode, the following items are checked and printed out:
• Control circuit functions
• Printer mechanism functions
• Print quality
• Control software ROM version
• DIP switch settings
This test is independent of any other equipment or software, so it is a good idea that run it when
you first set up the printer and
if you have any trouble. If th
e self test works correctly, the
problem is in the other equipment
or the software, not the printer.
Follow the steps below to start a self-test:
1. With the roll paper cover open, press and hold down the
button and turn on the
printer. The printer prints various printer settings.
2. When the printer finishes printing the printer status, check whether the following message is
printed (The printer is now in the self-test wait mode.) :
“If you want to continue SELF-TEST printing.
Please press FEED button”
3. To start a test print, press the
button while the printer is in the self-test wait mode.
4. Check that the following has been printed:
“*** completed ***”
This indicates that the printer has been initialized and returned to the normal mode


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Aug 10, 2011