Netgear GS752TP POE issues

Leroy Brown

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Feb 5, 2014
Hi guys.

I have been struggling for quite a while with two of my clients Netgear switches, both GS752TPs.

POE on the ports would work when you first start the switch up, but after a while, one by one the POE devices do not receive power anymore. They would stop working randomly and if I log into the switch and check the POE status it would give me "OtherFault" or searching as if there's nothing plugged in

Sometimes if I restart the switch they would come back on, other times they don't

I see a bunch of articles on Netgear's support website saying that you should disable POE on all of your uplink and downlink ports which has been done. I have also tried changing the priorities for the POE ports.

I also sent one of the devices back to the supplier to test but they weren't able to detect any issue. I then later took it back again and had it exchanged for another which has exactly the same problems.

From one of them I am running Mitel 5330 IP phones and from the other I am running Snom 300 and 320s.

Anyone have an idea of how to sort this out? I am getting pretty close to chucking the switch straight out the window