Network cable installation question


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Jun 24, 2004
I would strongly suggest you use fibre instead of copper.
If you run copper, you're going to create a big antenna, and you're going to be replacing switches/devices on either end of that cable run ever time there's a lightening storm (I speak from experience).


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Sep 3, 2004
if you want to avoid lightning you could use the pre-made fibre cables as mentioned. Here is an example of what it costs for 90M but then you need to also convert etc..

If you have 200Mb fibre and that's your biggest concern with the connection you could also get UBNT lightbeam it Can do 450Mb or more
but then so can the Nano just make sure its the newer one LOCO-5AC/L

Or just trench the cable and put one of these on either end
If I were to go for the 90m fibre drop. It has LC-LC connectors. What type of media converter do I need? And what type of SFP modules do I need?