New ADSL account type


Expert Member
May 12, 2009
Can some ISP please come out with this or a similar product:

4mb line + 8-10GB regular data + uncapped from 12pm(or 1am)-6am each day for R1000 flat...

Come on it would solve tons of my issues with having to bounce around looking for individual accounts that fulfill my needs.

I could game and surf without having to worry about the network being flooded by torrentz etc and could still get a reasonable amount of downloading done when the networks' reliability is not particularly important.

I cant be the only one who would sign up for this.

If there are any ISP's who are willing to provide this service PLEASE speak up...

I know this product won't necessarily appeal to the axxess 800GB per month crowd but for a lot of people I believe this would hit the spot nicely.