New RU7100 Samsung TV's and Google?


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Aug 22, 2016
Hey All>

Not sure if I am daft, or if it's not supported, but I just got a new RU7100 series TV, which I purchased specifically for the Bluetooth and Google home integration. Tried setting up google home last night, and I can switch the TV on and off via my google home mini, but I have no control over the TV other than that (samsung claims you can adjust volume, start netflix bla bla).

Anyone managed to set up theirs successfully? TV:

The small print worries me (may not be available in your region), so would really like to know Samsung's plans for this, if not supported currently.
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Sep 18, 2018
Same here, You can connect the SmartThings cell phone app and Google Home to support the RU7100 but it appears as an ON/OFF Switch Device, this is the same as the old NU7100 without any additional integration, I have both TV's and Google Home, I guess this is what @H8rlequin did as well.

I think we are still waiting for Samsung to release the Alexa and Google support for the RU7100 as their marketing material clearly states integration for volume and application launch such as Netflix, in the meantime I also have a Chromecast connected to my RU7100 but that bypasses the smart TV functionality of the RU7100 completely.

Let me know if you hear when the software integration is released for the RU7100s by Samsung