Nicholas Hall


Aug 29, 2012
Nicholas Hall is a technology lawyer at Michalsons Attorneys.

Nicholas joined Michalsons Attorneys in 2010 as a candidate attorney. Nicholas is interested in developing legal information systems with the goal of improving access to legal resources, for clients and lawyers alike. He strongly believes that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms will often lead to a better solution than going to court. He hopes, through the use of technology, to generate value for clients, be it from cost savings or more efficient ways of doing work.

Having done an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, Nicholas has a strong understanding of technology and how to implement it in a business environment. This married with his Law Degree from the University of Cape Town gives him an excellent insight into problems facing ICT firms both from a practical and a legal standpoint. Communicating with clients is also aided by this background as he is familiar with the technologies they use and understands how they work.

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