Openweb 4mb Afterhours Uncapped Discontinued


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Aug 1, 2006
Hey guys,

So if you remember, a few weeks ago Openweb released a limited edition 4mb Uncapped After hours account for R399 per month.

Anyway I sent an email off to Openweb today because speeds on the account had been a bit sluggish over the past day or two and I wanted to see if something was up. I got a response reasonably fast, but was told that the network cannot handle these accounts and as of the end of September, they will all be stopped. :(

I was told that an email about this had been sent a week earlier stating the accounts would be stopped, but I didn't receive anything.
I asked a good friend of mine who also has the same type of account if he had received the email, and this was also the first time he had heard of it.

This post is pretty much just to ask if anyone else who is signed up to this account actually got this email last week warning of the accounts being stopped...
Suppose if you didn't, it's also a bit of a 'head's up' so you don't try logon on 1st October to find no more internet.

I'm pretty sad that this account is going though, it was perfect for my needs because I'm not that much of a heavy downloader, and the 10gigs of daytime usage was more than enough for the month. They daytime uncapped was not really required in my case, so the lower price was a bonus. If there was anything that I really wanted to download, I could grab it overnight.
Can anyone recommend a similar account with similar pricing?
I see Openweb did release a similar option of after hours uncapped, but it's way too expensive for me to afford.
I have an 8mb line, but I don't mind being limited to 4mb....I just find that if I get 512k uncapped I will be wasting money on having the 4mb/8mb line in the first place.

Apologies if this has already been posted...I tried searching, but found nothing on it...
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Oct 29, 2005
You could try the SAINET Afterhours uncapped for R295.

It works fine for me.