PHP, Javascript, Mysql mid-level developer needed for short term project


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Feb 15, 2005
We have an existing Wordpress based system that needs some enhancements and additions.
PHP, HTML, and Javascript with Mysql DB.

This will be a short term project with bulk of the work to be completed by end of July.

Please feel free to contact me at


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Aug 23, 2013
This might come off as rude, but I am trying to be a little constructive as this is the first impression people get of your business:
Do you need me to quote you on how to remove the "Powered by WordPress"? :p
Plus remove the developed by if it's a theme and not an actual developer, does not reflect well on you since you're in the job of delivering software, you're supposed to at least have an inkling of the basics/be able to quickly google it as it should take you a couple of minutes (yes, I can check via whois that you've had this domain since 2012, hoping this is a new site)
Considering that, Moabi, I hope that person you need is for web development/this site, since all the other (2) pages seem half done, and these are copy issues:
Stick to either we or me, you're probably trying to sound company like? Plus, get off of Afrihost hosting if you can.

For web development, your company title on the home page is not a proper h1 to pick if it's in the menu bar. Neither is the site description a very good idea of an h2 if in the menu bar. Plus it's a bit weird to add a tool tip of the text over the heading hovers.

Sorry about the off topic, but it is your image that we're talking about, and based on the site, I'd be worried that you can't actually afford to pay anyone a salary to do work.


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May 23, 2019
It is very easy to make design web page together HTML, CSS, js ui framework, PHP, and MySQL. MySQL as a data storage engine. HTML, CSS, and Javascript is the language of your browser aka Client Side so through we fetch data from data storage engine and wrap it into browser presentation (HTML, CSS, Javascript) using PHP. Don’t assume It simple that.
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