Please help!!!!

Chad Adonis

New Member
Jan 12, 2022
Hello whoever comes across my post I booked a OBF phone in the 6day of the 7day rule phone heated up device was a Samsung A12 it came back after seven days they said nothing was wrong with it but it did the same thing they booked it in again another 9 days passed called me today to come collect it again so they said i must update the software which I did 3 times already went to the shop and my device had 3 cracks in when they unwrapped it to give it to me my phone had no scratches and cracks in when I booked it it's been almost a month since I bought the phone but I never even got the chance to enjoy my purchase if anyone could please help me as to what I can do to get a new phone or refund or any legal advice I'll highly appreciate it thanks in advance