PLEASE READ: Rules for Classifieds section

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Oct 4, 2010
Please follow the rules below when posting a classified ad in this forum. By not following these guidelines your ad may be locked or deleted.

Basic post guidelines

  • Use the For Sale/Trade/Wanted templates provided below
  • Make your title as descriptive as possible
  • After your title, add the following: ale / [T]rade / [W]anted (Example: Iphone )
    [*]Try to add pictures or other info where possible (upload images rather than links)
    [*]Edit out the parts you think are not relevant to your post.

For Sale/Trade Template

Item name (be very descriptive):
Age and condition:
Do you include packaging: Yes/No
Warranty: Yes/No
Reason for selling:
Negotiable: Yes/No
Shipping or collection:

Wanted Template

Item wanted (be very descriptive):
Is packaging essential?:
Desired age and condition:
Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes/No


  • Before you can post an ad you must be a member for at least a month and have a minimum 30 posts (similar to some other parts of the forum).
  • No dealers may post here (we have a dealers section for that).
  • Item must include a preferred price. No "what offers".
  • Please make offers via PM (do not post them in the thread)
  • You may not discuss pricing in other people's ads.
  • No off topic discussions. If you don't have a question related to the item, don't post.
  • Only advertise items in your possession. No adverts on behalf of 3rd parties unless you are standing in for them.
  • If you have sold/found your item please post back (hence let people know by posting in the thread)
  • No backtracking on accepted offers for higher offers. If you've accepted then it's a done deal unless the sale falls through.
  • Only bump once every 3 days.

Posts not following the guidelines and template will be deleted.
Not open for further replies.