Pluto bars from Pluto!

Eli Whitney

Jan 24, 2019
Is the Pregnant Widow the right term to use in describing my own feeling of being part of a generation that is both too early and too late at the same time? Long have i contemplated what galactic participation would look like, if i had been born a hundred years later. This is not a unique though i am sure, but it does render me to a picture that is quite inspiring. Visiting a glass dome opera house on top of Olympus Mons, the sensation of a travelling a see through tube pass Jupiter and the first chocolate factory opened on Pluto . Of course, these concepts seem implausible, courage is a different thing in modern times, seeing that nuclear weapons all but changed the definition of that word. Before passing this off as the plight of a 21st century individual, undimmed by the prospect of overpopulation and the irrelevancy it produces in the sober mind , consider any similar thoughts?