Quantum computer makes finding new physics more difficult


Honorary Master
May 4, 2012
Qubits are the quantum-mechanical analogue of classical bits – the 0s and 1s that run our classical computers. But they are unlike classical bits and more like Schrodinger’s cat, because they can be “dead” and “alive” at the same time, which is to say they can be in two different states at once.
This is actually incorrect. Schrodinger didn't propose a state where the cat was both alive and dead but rather an uncertainty for the observer where it wasn't either until observed. The chance of it being dead would increase with an increase in time(T). The confusion likely arose because both states were illustrated on the same piece of paper as ghost figures. Quantum bits don't exist in a state of both 0s and 1s but in a state of flux until they take on a state.