Question regarding HDMI and switches (long question)


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Oct 17, 2005
Here's the situation. I've been using my Samsung 2333SW Full HD LCD screen via DVI to my PC for the past month or so. The other day I connected a Xbox via HDMI-DVI cable to it and therefor had to use the VGA port for my PC and OMG does it look crappy. I guess since I've been using DVI the whole time that my eyes kinda got used to it. The VGA has this soft/fluffy/shimmery look to it and it's actually very annoying.

I've also been thinking of adding other HDMI devices to my monitor but since I only have 1 x DVI port the only way to do this would be via a HDMI switch. I've seen a couple of 3 and 4 port ones around and this would really help me solve the problem but there's a couple of questions I need to ask first.

As I understand, DVI/HDMI are digital connections therefore picture quality is theoretically not relevent since it's simply digital data being sent. You'll either have a picture or not. (This also explains the theory about no difference in quality between a R90 HDMI cable and a R1000 one). Even besides these things I have just mentioned I'm somehow still afraid that I'll have a dip in quality (probably due to experience with old RCA days) and so I'm here to get a second opinion. Also another question. HDMI supports 480p and up so when you connect your pc via HDMI to a PC LCD what happens when the PC starts up? Surely the bios and post has some extreme low resolution such as 320 x 240 or whatever. Will the screen be blank?

Also if you have any recommendations and links on switches that you'll suggest or have experience with I'll really appreciate it.

Thanks :)