Questions about CV


Honorary Master
May 23, 2006
My 2c:

Keep it short. Maybe 2 pages, 3 max.

Put a bit of effort in. Make the CV attractive enough to be inviting so that people want to look. Normal tables and bullet points don't cut it for me. There are plenty of free templates out there. With this said, obviously I have hired plenty without a fancy CV.

Under the experience part don't go on with walls of text. 4 or 5 short sentences should be enough for each job.

Make sure spelling, grammar and general attention to detail is 100%.

Don't send every cert you have ever got unless asked.

Don't lie. So often I see developers / testers or whatever who list 20 rows of technologies and when I ask the simplest question they don't know WTF I'm talking about. Recruitment agencies are the worst. They edit peoples CV's and add the skills listed as requirements to the job and then the candidate gets caught off guard and look terrible.