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Apr 14, 2012
Good Afternoon
I want to improve the service within the business,want to introduce customer care where customers call to place orders daily,say between 06:00-21:00,currently I am using excel for customers orders,I need something that will automatically update,say I update price of product at 13:00,when the consultants take orders from customers at 13:01 the product price has been updated,I need a system that can assist me into making this process effective and efficiant,wha product should I try?

Say I am not at the premises and I meet someone who promise to supply me with a product for R15 and on the system we have the product for R20,which system can I use to update the price remotely so consultants at the premises can get R15 when they punch the product into the order instead of R20?

I am not a big business cannot afford expensive product,any suggestion?