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Nov 22, 2010
Rectron is a South African based distributor of PC and electronic equipment.

Rectron’s core business is the importation and distribution of computer components to computer dealers, resellers and systems integrators.

From distributing CPUs and memory modules in that first year of operation, the product range has grown so extensively that Rectron is now regarded as the leading ICT and Consumer Electronics Distributor in the IT industry in South Africa.

Snapshot facts:

Founding: Rectron was founded in 1995
Revenue: Rectron FY10 revenue was ZAR 1.483 billion
Profit: Rectron FY10 profit before tax was ZAR 51.3 million
Net Asset Value: Rectron FY10 net asset value was ZAR 271 million
Employees: Rectron has 358 total employees
Black Employees: 40% of Rectron staff is black employees
Female Employees: 53% of Rectron staff is female employees
Operations: Rectron has 5 branches, covering 9 provinces in South Africa
BEE Rating: Rectron has a BEE rating of Level 6