[S] Pressure cooker still


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Dec 12, 2012
Item name (be very descriptive): Pressure cooker still
Age and condition: Old
Do you include packaging: No
Warranty: No
Reason for selling: Upgrading (a lot bigger)
Price: R1,500
Negotiable: No
Location: Pretoria
Shipping or collection: Both. Shipping cost and risk on buyer (and arrange plz ok thanks)

So during lockdown I built myself a pressure cooker still. It worked very well for my use (and still does), but I'm going a bit bigger. This still was built simply from an old 10l pressure cooker, with a riser, a lyne arm and a condenser coil. The design looks rough, but the cooker has a new seal and it works really well. I've made quite a bit of whisky and rum on this before, but I'm simply needing something bigger. People are asking more and more when I'm going to "make more rum" (specifically rum, actually) and I don't want to disappoint, so I'm upgrading to a 50l still.

I'll post some pictures in a bit, just need to tidy up a little bit, maybe get it running. It runs on a gas stove (or electric, I guess) and I've done 3 x stripping runs and a spirit run on it in a day, comfortably, producing around 3l of clean, useable spirit at around 40% ABV (ready to use). This obviously depends on the wash you're feeding it, but you get the idea.

The still is complete, but you will need to buy a probe thermometer in order to monitor your riser temperatures. Something like this is perfect (and close to what I'm using): takealot.com This thermometer is not critical, but it definitely helps. It helps you to really learn your still, and if you're like me you'll start recognizing issues depending on the thermometer readings. I've been distilling on temperature for a while now and it works well. I use this thermometer (this exact one) and I love it as it has an alarm function that triggers when you reach a preset temperature in your riser, which helps a lot: Digital Oven Thermometer Kitchen Food Cooking Meat BBQ Probe Thermometer Timer Water Milk Temperature Cooking Tools

I'll also give you a good rundown of what the still does, how it works, how to use it and I'll even include some samples of stuff you should look out for, as well as instructions (and the spices and oak) for your first batch of spiced rum, if that's your thing. I have a recipe that works pretty well by now.

So let me know. Sale is relatively urgent as I've already started buying stuff for the new still and I kinda need to fill that gap a bit. I'm asking R1,500 which I think isn't a bad price at all, considering what stills are going for these days.