SABC board appointment delayed due to SSA problem

Hanno Labuschagne

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Sep 2, 2019
SABC board appointment delayed due to SSA problem

The SABC no longer has a board after Parliament failed to appoint new members due to the State Security Agency (SSA) dropping the ball on vetting potential candidates, Sunday Times reports.

The incumbent board's tenure ended on Saturday, 15 October 2022, but the SSA had only done background checks on seven of the 34 as of last week Tuesday.
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For a moment I thought they were referring to the movement/movements known as

Steadily Shagging Africa

... but what actually happened is considered by most to be a massive improvement!
So how can you be appointed if you haven't been vetted yet.

As usual the cart before the horse,
I think it's safe to say that it will make absolutely no difference at all to the fortunes of the SABC whether they have a board or not. In fact, it might even improve things.
Viva race baced employment laws and policies :love:
What's the issue.

Can't find anyone honest, without a current case against them or without a criminal record?