Samsung Android to iMac Airport


New Member
Jan 5, 2017

Ive been haggling this over and over and cant seem to get to the just of connect a Samsung Grand Prime 2 Android Marshmallow (6) + WiFi to iMac Airport. With the Vodacom Tab 3 its all possible, running Marshmallow as well.

Ive tried static and dynamic host calls, 40/128bit WEP on iMac but no joy.

On the Samsung GP2 I can see the WiFi network and enter the details but just doesnt seem to authenticate.. its "connecting"... most of the time with the WiFi signal at blue meaning there is a connection, but no joy.

Please help, or with some assistance.

It works well with WPA2 over Hauwei LTE router so maybe this is the problem that this version doesnt like WEP?