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Samsung shows off smartphone with foldable display

Jamie McKane

MyBroadband Journalist
Super Moderator
Mar 2, 2016
Samsung shows off smartphone with foldable display

Samsung Electronics Co. showed off a new phone with a foldable screen in a bid to shake up a smartphone business awash with black, shiny rectangles that look increasingly similar.

At its conference Wednesday for software developers in San Francisco, the company previewed what it called an Infinity Flex Display, and announced new software for controlling the large phone.



Expert Member
Feb 18, 2010
Why not?

I like the idea, but will def not touch a Samsung device ever again...
I feel the same. Love the concept and will probably buy something like this if it becomes mainstream and affordable. But I'm tired of Samsung in general. After releasing a device they may issue an update here or there sporadically but they more often than not just forget about the device and get working on the next big thing. Not all of us can afford to buy the latest version every year.