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Dec 3, 2009
My retired parents who have been with Vodacom since the beginning of time told me that Vodacom has been phoning them weekly as their contracts are up for renewal.

They both have perfectly working phones. Their current spend at Vodacom is about R1k between them. I convinced them to consider alternative providers.

The idea is to see if they can save on their current spend while still having sufficient data and airtime without worrying about data bundles and top-ups.

I have ignored " night time data" as my parents won't be using data between 12 am and 5 am
SMS also not considered - only spammers are still using SMS services.

The main criteria being Off-Net minutes, and data mainly for Whatsapp usage.

Let's see what the best deal with a hard limit at R800 pm for two sim cards.

TM Freeme 11 GB (x2)TM Share 36 GBVodacom Smart M+(x2)Vodacom Smart data 4GB (x2)MTN Mega Gigs M (x2)MTN Mega Talk L (x2)Cell C Pinnacle 5GB (x2)
CostR 778R700R798R798R598R798R798
Data (GB)15301.88856
Whatsapp (GB)4300450
Streaming (GB)4300400
Off-net min400300800300150700360
On-net Min20003000000700720

Seems like a close call between Telkom Mobile and MTN, but I was surprised that Cell C is still in the game as well.

Browsing the Vodacom website was a total nightmare - I cant imagine that anyone could possibly make it even harder to get the info - it's a joke much like their pricing.


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Dec 7, 2017
Being pensioners here are our setup
My phone a Samsung galaxy S9 is now two and a half years old I am on a sim only Vodacom contract Smart S+
At R268 per month 200 offnet minutes 650gb data
My wife is on a MTN anytime 50 contract but hers include a Samsung S20 At R210 per month
50 of net minutes and 300gb data
Traveling around a lot it is not a good idea to commit to one SP only, You often end up in an area where one of the mayor cell networks do not have good coverage and having an alternative have served us well over the years.


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Aug 12, 2015
I went to Cellucity and they have a deal with Vodacom, 20GB anytime data and 20GB nighttime data for something like R200 I think? can't remember. Airtime you'll need to do prepaid but it's not as bad I reckon. if they don't use the data portion that much in the month then next month they have 40GB to blow.


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Sep 17, 2019
  1. I use Cell C, only prepaid. I also bought my basic Xiaomi smartphone at Makro about 3 years ago, R1800, not network locked, and not tied to any contract. It has 2 sims, and 32 Gb memory.
  2. Some of Cell C calling plans for any South African phone numbers, (toll-free numbers are free, can set up as once-off or recurring): R199, 900 minutes, valid 30 days. R99, 240 minutes, valid 30 days ( For purely prepaid calls with no bundle purchased, their cheapest call rate is 66c/minute.
  3. For phone data, I use 1-2 Gb/month, and I buy either the prepaid Gb valid for a year, or the recently launched "upfront 12-month data" which gives me 1-2 Gb/month for a year at R33.25/Gb.
  4. For the internet, which includes streaming from Showmax, I use the prepaid Gb valid for 6 months or a year. This works out at R5-10/Gb. Examples of some of these packages: R1999, 200 Gb, valid for 1 year. R899, 100 Gb anytime data & 100 /Gb night data, valid 6 months.
  5. If your parents have bank accounts, they might be eligible for some free phone calls & Gb with a bank sim card linked to their accounts.
  6. MTN has some very cost effective contract & monthly data only, or data + voice, options.
  7. It is also worth looking at offerings from various ISPs for mobile data, and fixed LTE data, eg Afrihost, Vox, Axxess, Mweb, Webafrica, RSAweb.


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Apr 17, 2016
MTN sim on Afrihost pre paid
99c calls 24/7 all networks
Airtime doesn't expire (or after a year I think)
1Gb data is R69 and carries over for 3 months
You get 1Gb free for the first 3 months
After 3 months you get 1Gb free per month if you buy R69 or more airtime
Data can be transferred between Afrihost clients.

So if they are just using WhatsApp they would unlikely need more than 1Gb per month. R1000pm would give them 1000 minutes all networks and 2Gb data.