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Aug 24, 2005
Skyfi went down a while ago in Alberton and their phone line isn't working. Is anyone else having some luck?


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May 6, 2009
Good luck.

Did you get any feedback from them? My connection has been constantly dropping since Friday. Yesterday I counted 12 drops between 09:00 and 17:00. The only response I got from them:
- VERBATIM: "We just done a reboot on our , please confirm if it is still dropping". January 18
- Please try and reboot your system again (how this will fix a drop at the high site is unknown). January 19 09:48
- Yes, the AP had a problem just now but now is back again, give it 30 mins to be back up. January 19 10:47
- We have technicians working on the problem, please be advised the connection will keep dropping while they work. January 19 13:17

That was the last I heard.


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Dec 29, 2009
Trying SkyFi the 10Mbps package.

There are 3 high sights within my line of sight:
  • Site 1 is about 950m
  • Site 2 is about 1200m - there is a tree in the way
  • Site 3 is about 1800m

I'm connected to Site 3 as Site 1 has a lower speedtest as tested by to the technician.

Wed 24th Jan 2018 - Installed - getting 10Mbps real downloads and higher in speedtest.
Thu 25th 7am - high site down - fixed a few hours later
Fri 26th - All good
Sat 27th - 8pm - high site down again
Sun 28th - 9:20am - high site still down...

Note: speedtests give optimistic results, actual speeds is limited to contract speed of 10Mbps.
Ping and traceroutes are good - lower latency and less hops than ADSL & Telkom LTE to many big sites.
ping 5ms SkyFi
ping 23ms ADSL
ping 23ms Telkom LTE.

[-]Not looking too promising in terms of uptime.[/-] - After 4 months uptime has been good.

Edit: Sun 28th Jan 9:45am - high site fixed
Edit: Wed 7th Feb, 100% uptime, all good, excellent performance.
Edit: Fri 1st Jun 2018, It's been a 4 months now and experience has been pretty good.
Occasional high-site outage which normally gets resolved quite quickly after called logged.
I have a LTE PAYG backup which I use when the high-site goes down.
Speed still excellent and I'm getting the speed I pay for.
Very glad I dumped "up to" 8Mbps ADSL (5 sync, pay for 8) was just too slow.
Update 2019/06/28
~5th April 2019, the high site got struck by lightning.
SkyFi replaced the transmitter, but since then we started experiencing contention in the evenings.
Logged a few calls, but problem was not resolved.
Switched to another WISP - problem solved.

I had skyfi for 18 months,
  • more than 24 high site outages during 18 months (1.3 per month)
  • more than 33 help desk emails logged during 18 months (1.8 per month)
It was annoying that I had to report the site down before skyfi would fix it.
You would think nagios could pick up a site that's gone down and fix before customer called.
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Feb 2, 2019
They went down again yesterday afternoon at 2PM again Mayberry site almost 20 hours later and no service, lest not forget they dont work weekends so your fruatrations will be aimed at social media platforms,