Smartphone artificial intelligence


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Sep 3, 2018
Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made huge inroads in creating a better interaction between human, devices and other devices that feature such technologies. With both Android and iOS mobile platforms integrating AI and ML in their operating systems, decision-making has become a lot quicker and precise, by accumulating a huge volume of information.
Here are a few things that AI enables our mobile devices to do:
1. Advancing search engines
2. Smartphone cameras are getting better at object and scene recognition
3. Real-time translation has become quicker
4. Food calorie recognition has become more efficient
5. Biometric unlocking such as facial recognition has become more secure and rapid
6. High App Authentication (Security)

From the look of things, AI in the coming years is going to be integrated into 5G smartphones enabling users to get more benefits of AI and ML which has the potential to collect, store, and process all the real-time data. Moreover, with AI you will get an advanced personalized user experience.
Samsung, Sony, LG, Google and Xiaomi are some of the big brands that continued with the Snapdragon 845 which was launched earlier this year - a chipset claimed to transform your mobile device into the ultimate personal assistant, simplifying how you take pictures, videos and enhancing your voice interaction
With Apple having launched the A12 Bionic this year, they claimed it is a generation ahead of other smartphone chipsets.
Huawei launched their Kirin 980 with a dual Neural Processing Unit (NPU), a chipset designed as an all-around powerhouse that not only features outstanding AI capabilities but also brings cutting-edge raw performance to consumers
In conclusion, the future is bright for smartphones with AI and ML and with that mobile economy will grow hugely with time. All mobile device manufacturers will compete steeply in that space… and whoever tops the race will have the potential of being the best mobile device seller.


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Aug 2, 2008
We are still in the very early stages of all this but it's great to already be seeing the benefits in features like the Camera, Power Management and Virtual Assistants.