Software Developer for Animation Studio (Contract Position)


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Jan 24, 2017
Triggerfish Animation Studios is looking for a Software Developer to join the team handling the animation pipeline on our third CG animated feature film "Seal Team". The film is about a ridiculous rag-tag team of seals who form together to turn the tables on their natural predators. It's "Finding Nemo" meets "The Expendables".

The position is immediately available, and based in Cape Town. It is a project-based contract and will run through to the end of October 2010. In the interests of building a solid team, our ideal is that this contract would lead on to full time employment but we're not yet in a position to make an offer past that date. It's important to integrate this person very tightly into the team here to develop a full understanding of the processes involved in an animation studio, so we're not looking for remote workers for this role.

– Creating and maintaining new tools for use by the production artists and TDs (technical directors)
– Work closely with Department TD’s and CG Supervisors to determine most efficient workflow solutions.
– Demonstrating new tools being implemented in the studio.
– Contribute to the overall animation pipeline road-map for the studio.
– Monitor and resolve animation pipeline tickets created by production staff.
– Diagnosis and triage of technical issues and trouble shooting.
– Automation of common time-consuming tasks for artists.
– Documentation of all relevant work procedures, tools and systems.
– Work close with Production to identify and resolve bottle neck areas in the pipeline.
– 2 plus years of experience in a software development role, preferably in Python.
– Degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent discipline or demonstrable experience in the field.
– Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills
– Experience in code-sharing, revision control and Git Hub
– Must be a fast learner and work on own initiative.
– Excellent organisation and time-management.
– Experience programming within CG animation industry Software such as Maya, Nuke and Houdini.
– Knowledge of C++ and JavaScript.
– Familiarity with development on both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.
– Basic familiarity with relational databases.
– Knowledge of render queuing software, e.g. Royal Render.
– Knowledge of Shotgun or other asset management systems.

Salary would be dependent on experience, between 25 to 50K gross.

You can find out more about us and send in an application on our careers site: