Some questions about fibre


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Oct 6, 2009
After having 4Mb uncapped ADSL from Telkom for several years, and being one of the lucky ones, I had almost zero issues. Then last week I switched to the 10Mb uncapped fibre from Openserve. Now on ADSL, we were able to watch Youtube or Netflix and still browse on our phones/tablets, but with the fibre, this is almost impossible. Any ideas? I am in Royal Ascot, Milnerton, Cape Town.

Then using the 2.4Ghz wifi network - on channel 1 - I get almost no throughput on my phone. But yesterday I discovered that using a 5Ghz network seems to be fine (well a bit better). Could it be congestion? However the old router was only 2.4 GHz, and my phone used to connect just fine.

I wasn't home when they did the connection, so I have a question about the hardware. There is the white Huawei box, connected to the "phone" socket. Then there is a Nokia device, which I assume is the modem, which is connected to the Dlink router, which on the box says router/modem. So is it not possible to connect the Dlink direct to the socket and leve out the modem?

And finally, regarding Netflix, I've always used the high setting, which used to show it using around 3.7Mbs for 1080. Then with the fibre, I see that has changed to around 7.2Mbs for 1080. What causes the difference? The data usage isn't a concern, but I've changed to medium to try and get around the usage issue mentioned above, which hasn't made a massive difference I must add. But now on medium quality, it only gets up to 480p, which is not great.

The one thing that I have noticed though on the speedtest app is that the ping has dropped from 40ms to around 8ms.

Thanks in advance for answers.


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Apr 8, 2006
1) Probably because you are now streaming Netflix at a higher bitrate because you have more bandwidth so its sucking up all of it for 1080p stream (possibly)

2) That sounds like wifi congestion and nothing to do with the fibre

3) Nope.

4) Different encoding, different audio stream, less intrusive compression... the list is somewhat endless unfortunately. You can try QOS Netflix on the Dlink if you want to try limit what it can get access to.