Sonicwall Assistance Required


Another MyBB
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Nov 20, 2015
Hi Guys

We have three sites, all connected with Vodacom wireless for connectivity.

The Voda firewall maintains a secure VPN tunnel between the three sites.

Then we have a Sonicwall router behind that firewall.

Now we lost one Sonicwall router on one of the sites.

Everything works (once we plugged in a new Sonicwall and configured it).

However, incoming SSH from two of the sites to the third one no longer works, and I figured out we need to add a portforwarding rule on the specific Sonicwall to allow SSH to go to the correct IP.

We also need to add a sonicwall VPN client username and password as well.

I had a shufty, but it seems to be a bit complicated as you need to do a couple of initial steps beforehand... :confused: (so different from using a Smoothwall...)

Do we have a Sonicwall guru to assist with these two steps?

Will appreciate it very much



Leroy Brown

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Feb 5, 2014
I've setup a couple of those SonicWalls. Actually quite like them. Pop me a DM if you haven't come right with this yet.