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Telkom Customer Support Question


Well-Known Member
Dec 22, 2009

I am an existing MWEB 8MB Uncapped subscriber and currently enjoying the service I am receiving. I have however recently seen that Telkom has a 10MB Uncapped option + Line Rental for R16 cheaper then I am currently paying. It might not seem like much, however I also see Telkom have the Entertainment Addon for R99 where streaming is not added towards ones cap. Now for my question, has Telkoms support services improved at all? I know I had a nightmare of a time when I tried get a landline for my ADSL, however how are the rest of their services? Should I just stick with MWEB and keep my sanity?


Active Member
Dec 20, 2007
They have been quick to answer phone calls now, but that doesn't mean much.
10 days with no line/adsl and noone can tell me what is going on.

depending on who answers i get told there is a technician assigned or there still isnt a technician assigned, no idea what the actual truth is.