Telkom downhill


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Oct 18, 2018
I canceled my landline 22/08,received this email same day:

Request number for service to be cancelled
0218560429 : 29744501

September 6, following email:

Good Day
We regret to see you cancelling your account with Telkom. Please note of the following:
Cancellation Order Number:506115793A
Your Request to Cancel:landline
Service Number/s: 0218560429
Cancellation Effective Date:22/09/2019
Kindly note that:
It may take up to 2 months for the billing process to be completed after cancellation
A 30 days’ notice period applies on all service cancellation
Where applicable, refund amount will be reflected as a CREDIT on your final account
Deposit will be offset against any outstanding amount
After you have received your final account and if any credit amounts is due to you, then please contact Telkom Billing on 10210 to arrange your refund.

Oktober 15, I receive the final account : Telkom needs to do a refund for R 617.08

November 8, As instructed I have called Telkom billing on 10210 to arrange my refund, a person with email address [email protected]
not sure about his name -his English was terrible- instructed me to mail him a copy of my ID, my Passport and my bank statements ??? and promised me that everything would be arranged.I did so.

December 3, I did send this person a reminder email, with the request to update me on these matters within a timespan of a week.

Guess what....No response whatsoever again as we all are used to by now, and what will cause imao the annihilation of Telkom within forseeable time because of complete lack of service.
I understand the amount that this so called company owes me, is to small to bring them to court, but informing other people about this despicable behaviour is still my right.

Best Regards,
Jo Gielen
Telkom is the worst. They always make it impossible to cancel your account. Happened to me more than once.

I recommend just every now and then going on Twitter and commenting on their posts and ads about how bad they treat people. Hopefully it will stop a few more people from signing up with them.