telkom Westgate Horrible service

yumna baker

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Jul 7, 2020
Case numbers :75015718 and 75039302 both marked as resolved but they refuse to refund because they failed to cancel the number in August when she advised she made a mistake and will close in September 2023 just to find out that it was active until I call the cancellation depatment on the 6th October 2023 to ask if its active and if they could close it

Hi Zunicka,

Thank you for coming back to us(sarcasm) you never even bothered.

Any way I have attached the statements for July-August, August- September and September -October.

So July August statement shows the internet usage with MB used.

Service fee once off is “AKINGA VERTICAL SERVIC” that we never subscribed too but you charged us.

If I google it says “Telkom’s hidden scam” yes you do not work for google but for Telkom and that’s what you have as a description and I need to know what it is for.

Now explain to me what Akinga Vertical service is??????????????? If its on your statement you should be able to explain it.

We opened a new contact in the August and signed the insurance the 15th August 2023. Both amounts combined is R1630.25.

You advised you closed the 0658867252 account however he has used the number up until the new contract was signed.

Also charged once off fee of R472.50 with the description again as Akinga Vertical service and Device fee of R76.00 (for what ?????). Where is the internet usage breakdown like August statement.

What is this ,the number does not even exist:

we having billing messages send x3 to :00447786205094 on the 21st August 2023.

October given 60GB that we never used or received of R419.00 once off service fee of R499.50 with again description Akinga Vertical service.

You never cancelled the card and advised you did. I then called myself on the 6th to close it.

You also cannot show me the data used like the August September 2023.

Debit order taken October of R2548,75 I reversed it and I was charged a fee for it. Correct amount to be debited was suppose to be R1630.25 I then paid the 25th October 2023,

Then you debited me on the 01st November with R2548.75 without calling or consulting with me and failing to see the R1630.25 paid the 25th October 2023.

Can we just have our money back please.

Can I have your managers number or the ombudsman’s number.

Kind Regards,