Testing adsl


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Feb 19, 2013
Hi all

I have decided to do a one month test on my adsl i have seen that with my 2mb account i have used 170GB of data for the month with 70+gb of that being within the last week, also i have reached download speeds of 230+kb/s, so i decided i would test to see what i can get with my ADSL, After consulting the ISP they have agreed to letting me test it without tampering on any throttling as all standard rules will apply, i would like to know of any test i could do over the month to check all aspects of the ADSL i know about the speed and ping test but is there any other ways to check how well or bad things run that i can compare from start to finish. any help would be appreciated. currently my results will list the following.

Usage (daily, weekly and total)
Speed (daily, start and end)
Ping (daily, start and end)

speeds and usage will be tested with torrents, http downloads and browsing.

Please let me know of there is any other tests, also note the ping and speed tests will be done at speedtest.net and pingtest.net respectively.