The difference between adsl and other network providers


Oct 15, 2015
i just recently bought a laptop and registered a vodacom contract which gives me 2GB per month for R110. i dont know if this is the best deal because on a recent article, i just saw you could get 20GB for R50. how does this adsl thing work, and will it work for me if i live in a rural area?


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Aug 23, 2013
ADSL is not a network provider, it is a technology.

ADSL you have to have a Telkom phone line for ~R180, then pay for line speed, then pay for data or uncapped at a certain speed.
My current costs are R640 for a 10Mbps + 150GB of data, then another R180 for the Telkom line (that amount is mandatory if you want ADSL).

ADSL makes sense if you are using more than ~5GB a month.

How you would use ADSL:

Telkom installs phone line, you connect the line to a router which you can connect to through WiFi or an Ethernet cable.

Check here if you are covered by Telkom, select the DSL option.

EDIT: Click here for ADSL line rental costs (the network portion, not the voice line or data)
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