The most popular programming languages in the world


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Aug 18, 2011
Learned Python during hard lockdown & now slowly playing around with other languages.

Its so satisfying that once you have a grasp of the base almost all other languages look the same.

Only thing i am finding hard is differentiating between python 2 & python 3


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Jun 14, 2014
Not really..
C and modern C++ are quite far apart
They are apart but I regularly combine various c and c++ libraries.
I just finished (second iteration) utility that imports dbf files from given directory to postgresql database.
  • C library is used to read dbf file structure and data
  • pqxx is used to access Posgresql database
  • boost is used for threading, command line parsing and some formatting.
There is large number of C libraries that are battle tested and are not going anywhere soon.

Programming languages have nasty habit of never dying so we are going to hear about some "dead" languages for a very long time. (apparently there is MS Access/VB program that I did in 1997 that is still running)