The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread #2


King of de Jungle
Mar 17, 2005
Welcome to Thread #2.
The old thread is here...

Wonder why the Rand is losing so much against all currencies? Will probably soon see the breaking news.
ANC? Why do they care, they created this disaster...

I remember a few years ago one of their retards said something like they don't care about the exchange rate because we use rands in SA, or can't use those currencies in SA anyway, or something along those lines.

Fkn degenerates.
Luckily I sent 200k offshore to a UK account before this.

I have well into 7 figures stuck in SA which is taking long to send out due to the new SARS anal probing requirement. Pretty miffed about it. I did manage to max out SDA at 20.45 earlier this year though.
Now for the inflation shock, fuel prices will go up, followed by food prices and all imports.

Brace yourself for at least another 0.5% repo rate increase next.