This is why having Plex on a NAS truly rocks

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
This is why having Plex on a NAS truly rocks

If you have a bunch of series saved on a PC or external hard drive and are looking for a way to streamline the way you watch this content, then here is the solution: Plex and a NAS.

Why it took me so long to try this combination out, I do not know.

But now that I am on the Plex-NAS train, I am stopping at all the stations to tell the world about its magnificence.
Plex. One device to rule them all.

You need plex pass to get the most out of it unfortunately on a NAS.

Plex is in no way affiliated with piracy.
I know...
When Hanno starts the article with " have a bunch of series saved..." and then goes into "...Why it took me so long to try this combination out..."

I doesn't sound like he's storing and viewing content that he created :)
Been running Plex off a headless Linux (Ubuntu server) machine that's chilling under the tv next to the playstation for well over a year. Access it over SSH to configure. Super stable as well, haven't switched it off in months.
The Synology apps (Video Station/DS Video) do a good job of providing an interface and streaming to phones and tablets. This is also available for smart TVs, but I have not tried this option.
Lol slow news day? Had Plex lifetime since about 2014... the world has since moved on to streaming as well...
I use Universal Media Server. However, it's starting to struggle on the Samsung QLED, as the QLED is full of crap on the format's it allows.
I somehow ended up on a plex server years ago that sits in the netherlands with cdn activated. Whatever you're looking for is in that library. Only 4k and full HD content.
I stuggle to see the need these days?

Sure a usenet setup is useful in addition to streaming, but even that is essentially on-demand.

The 512kbps days are more need to schlepp TBs of data around that took you half a year of overnight downloading...

So what legal way do you know of to have a whole bunch of movies and TV series downloaded onto a NAS drive?
The same way you legally steal a car. You don't.