Time for some more stuff weird and surprising


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010
Like any good blogger I waited till midnight before I posted this. Late nights are just better for running into the strange and eye popping. Go to this link for Nike sneakers made out of paper. Totally unusable but people love them! What a strange thing to do, not so? Well the guy is a designer, so I guess it makes sense on some creative level, but oh man it is weird!

As with all good things in life, why not indulge a little in the world’s strangeness once it presents itself to you. You know, bathe in it and wash yourself with it. Let it run down your back like ice by accident and find some spine writhing way of enjoying it. That is what I did!

This next site ranks pretty high on the weird scale. Meet Yoga Kitty, a place where you can learn to relax and get more flexible with your kitty cat. This is the link and I took the liberty of linking straight to the video page where the weirdness can envelop you really snug. That video will show you more than I can ever explain, so go for it click away, I know you want to.

For some more lovely weirdness, please do pop on over to these guys for some of the world’s greatest movies re-enacted in just 30 seconds by cute little bunnies. Go for it… If you’ve been meaning to see Brokeback Mountain, then this is probably the less boring way of doing so.

As for interesting, you are going to love this! South Africa might very well be the producer of the coolest toy on the planet this Xmas. Go on over to ROBONICA to see what can be born in the New SA when great minds sit down and do something Barney from the TV show “How I met your mother” would call LEGEN…. wait for it…. and I hope you are not lactose intollerant….DARY!!!!