Tinder will allow users to do background checks on matches

I believe it is a good mechanism, but like all things good it is open to abuse,

Submit Your Evidence​

While Garbo is collecting and aggregating data from dozens of sources, nothing beats collecting data straight from the source — you. We will soon accept police report(s), order(s) of protection / restraining orders, and other legal documents that report abuse, harassment, or other crimes.


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whilst it may leverage other sources, which may also be in doubt, it also collects evidence submitted in private.

I can already see the day an innocent person is ostracised via data made available on Match Group apps. I doubt Match Group will be accountable. I believe that when a person is 'blacklisted' that Garbo must also take the reasonable steps, to make their data collected known and available to said people on the blacklist.
"Please get up and turn around so the system can get a picture of your back round."