Twitter Reaches 100 Million Active Users


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Nov 15, 2010
When Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, sent the very first tweet five years ago, he most likely didn’t expect that the site would soon be home to tens of millions of people doing the exact same thing. On Thursday, Twitter said that it now has 100 million active users.

The new benchmark was one of many shared by Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief executive, at the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

During the discussion, which was held for reporters and bloggers, Mr. Costolo outlined the company’s plans to continue expanding the service, gaining new users and increasing revenue. He said Twitter had set a goal of eventually being on two billion devices worldwide.

All aspects of Twitter, including signups and participation, have continued to grow rapidly over the last year. Twitter users are now sending 230 million Twitter messages a day, Mr. Costolo said. This is up 110 percent from the beginning of the year. Mr. Costolo also noted that 50 million people log into Twitter every day.

When asked about a potential initial public offering, Mr. Costolo said the company recently raised $400 million in funding that would enable Twitter to keep on growing “without the pressure of Wall Street.” Twitter makes money from data licensing agreements and through sponsored messages from advertisers.

Twitter’s rise to success has come with more headaches than most new companies endure. As Mr. Costolo noted, Twitter suffered regular outages when it began to catch on, and the now-famous “Fail Whale” was a regular, and embarrassing, visitor to the site.

The company has also gone through several management shuffles. Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Mr. Costolo have all held the role of C.E.O. since the company began.